Converting an Access 2002 .mdb file into .mde



hi, i was trying to convert my access 2002 .mdb file
into .mde . However i wasn't able to do so as the whole
Microsoft Access Program 'hangs' or does not responds and
i need to close the program. Why does it hangs? I tried
it out on 3 computers but all three computers also hang.



Chris Mills

As far as I know...

You need to get a "clean" mdb before you can convert it to an mde.

A "clean" mdb means this:
-Decompile the mdb using the undocumented /decompile switch. (it's partially
undocumented, it's actually documented at and even now
referred to by Microsoft, the point just being take a backup first)
-Compile the mdb. It would be insulting to tell you how to do this.
-Compact the mdb, Either by menu options or a command-line.

If the app can't now be converted to an mde, then ou have some other major

"References" are a major problem. However, if you can compile the app, then
references are not the problem (at least at this stage)
Why does it hangs?
Did you actually wait for an hour or two? Overnight? I know that's a long
time, but did you? (it's not a long time compared to some wars, oh sorry wrong

Create some simple mdb and convert it to an mde. Does that work? (this might
prove whether your Access installation works and whether the problem may lie
with the mdb)

An Access 2002 mdb can only be converted to mde if it's in Access 2002 format
(I think), but the default database format for Access 2002 is Access 2000 !!!




Ki Yi [MS]


Try this:

1. Create a new blank database and import all the objects (tables, queries,
etc) from the old database
2. Make sure that your new database has the same references checked as old
database file.
3. Then try to create a mde file

Ki Yi

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