Copy and paste



All of the sudden, I cannot copy and paste from either the internet or my
e-mail to a Word document. Have I turned it off unintentionally??



Beth Rosengard

Hi Nancy,

Please *always* state your OS and Office/Word version numbers when posting!

You can't turn off copy and paste as far as I know. Have you tried copying
and then pasting to Simple Text (or whatever it's called in OS X ­ is it
Text Edit?) Does that work? If not, there's something wrong with the Copy
function and that would have nothing to do with Word.

If that does work, then something's screwy with the paste mechanism in Word.
It is text that you're trying to copy and paste, isn't it? Or is it some
kind of graphic?

Beth Rosengard

Mac Word FAQ: <>
Entourage Help Page: <>

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