Copying contents of each page



I wanted to copy the contents of each page of the doc.

I opened the doc based on some template. I added some images to it.So the
document has more pages than the template. I want to copy the complete
contents of each pages including the header, body and the footer.

Assume I had 2 pages in the template. After opening the doc (based on the
template) and adding the images and some text, it became 3 pages. Now, I
tried as follows.

Since I had a C++ code, let me explain in words.
1) Get sections from the document.
2) Parse through all the sections. (I got only 2 here)
3) For each section, get headers and footers.
4) I get the range object from these headers and footers so that I can copy
the range to the clipboard and see the contents.
5) Contents of all the headers were identical though they differ.
6) Contents of all the footers were identical though they differ.
7) Then just get the range from the section and copy...Since I got only 2
sections for 3 generated pages, contents of 2 were proper.

Can anyone help me how to achive this.? I mean, copying the contents of each
of the pages.... Thanks in advance.


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