Copying data between worksheets



Somewhat new to Excel. Have a worksheet with several
sheets and a summary page. Is there a way to bring to the
summary page any item from the other sheets with a value
in the "Quantity" column? In other words, bring forward
multiples? Thanks for the input.



Richard O. Neville

Suppose you want to add up, in cell D4 of the summary page, all the entries
in cells D4 of the subsidiary worksheets. Click on D4 of the summary. Type
=, then click on subsidiary #1, cell D4. Type +, then do the same for
subsidiary #2, D4, until you have included them all (no + after the last
entry). When you hit the Enter key or click the green arrow in the summary,
you should have a sum of all the subsidiaries.

To spread this formula down or across the summary sheet, use the fill handle
on D4 and drag right or down. Use the mouse to touch the bottom right corner
of the cell; when it changes to a black + sign, click and drag. As an
alternate, you can select D4 and any number of cells down or across (but not
both at once). The use Edit-Fill right or fill down.

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