% Cost Calculation



Most resources in my .mpp file are people doing task at x hrly chargeout rate
along with other resources that may be daily, per useage, etc. For admin
support, I need to calculate a $ value which is equal to total $ charged by
people resources X a percentage based on my people resources charged (but not
resources that are not people).
E.G. Jack is $10/hr x 10 hrs = $100.00
Jill is $5/hr x 10 hr = $50
Vehicle @ $50 , etc.
Take only $100 + $50 = 150 multiply by x% and insert into my tracking table
& report.

Is this possible?



Gary L. Chefetz [MVP]


Yes, but you need to ask this question at microsoft.public.project, the
general project group, because very few folks check this group as it's due
to be decommissioned shortly.

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