Counting Cells With Multiple Criteria on Multiple Sheets


Eric Meiers

I want to count---on multiple sheets---the number of times that a
given cell is greater than another cell if and only if a third cell is
equal to a given value. I want to do this for 4 sets of data on each
sheet. I thought I had it figured out with this formula---


but it returns a value of zero each time. Clearly there is an error
in the formula.

Some background should help:
-- $H$1:$H$39 is a block of cells that has the names of the
sheets in the spreadsheet
-- E1 and F1, G1 and H1, I1 and J1, K1 and L1 are the four groups
of cells that I am comparing. In this case, I only want to count (add
1) when R1=2 and E1>F1 or when S1=2 and G1>H1 or when T1=2 and I1>J1
or when U1=2 and K1>L1.

Any help is deeply appreciated.


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