Counting number of cells until a criteria is met



I have googled and searched for ever on this and all the solutions
have found do not work on my example, so please help

C / G / AA /
AB / AC / AD / AE
buy units / answer / week1 / week2 / week3 / week4 /
10,000 / xxx / 2,000 / 3,000 / 2,000 / 2,00
/ 3,000

Table above is a very simple example of what i have. I would like
formula that will tell me which week i get to 80% of my buy units total
So it needs to sum up until it gets to 8,000 basically then tell me th
column reference or week reference or whatever

I found a formula that worked if info was in columns not rows
I found a formula that worked as long as the answer wasnt required i
the same row as the data was

I have tried MMULT, MATCH etc etc to no avail so far

It is driving me crazy

ps sorry for the poor formatting of the example, hope its clea


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