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I would like to see a new feature in Word (and possibly other parts of
Office) that would allow the user to create and store notes within words or

For instance working in print layout view, you type your document as normal,
but rather than going in depth to describe something, you can keep the text
short and to the point by using word/phrase 'Notes' which, similar to
creating a hyperlink, the user would right click on the word or phrase and
select 'create note'. The note that the user would then create would contain
anything from text, hyperlinks, images and anything else suitable for notes.

Then any reader, including the creator, could roll over the 'Note link' to
display a small pop up 'hovering' window which contains the note details,
relating to that word or phrase.

Example. User writes about their business marketing strategy, two of the
words in the paragraph are 'sales projections' which are a blue color (but
prints black as normal). when the user hovers over the words 'sales
projections' a small pop up appears with more details of the sales
projections for that business.

Therefore, rather than reading heaps of text to get the gist of the
information, we can now keep the text short, to the point and remaining just
as informative (in fact possibly more informative now, due to the fact that
not only would the text be more condensed and easier to read (and take in
information) but also more informative due to the ability of hiding notes
within the text by use of mouse over links.

certainly a feature I very much need.

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Have you taken a look in Word, Excel or PowerPoint Help re Comments? You can
also create hyperlinks to other files (or most anything else), not to
mention the availability of the Document Map, Outline View, and embedded
objects displayed as icons.

Just keep in mind that the more of this type of thing included in a doc, the
more knowledgeable the reader has to be - otherwise they miss much of the
most important detail which is also going to be missing from the printed

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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