Creating a dynamic chart range where the range to be graphed depends on the contents of a cell

Discussion in 'Excel Charting' started by NY, Jan 30, 2014.

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    I have a spreadsheet with many rows of data, each with a date and time and
    the values of various numerical parameters read at these times:

    01/01/14 00:00 1.1 2.2
    01/01/14 00:10 1.1 2.2
    01/01/14 00:20 1.1 2.2
    01/01/14 00:30 1.1 2.2
    01/01/14 00:40 1.1 2.2
    01/01/14 00:50 1.1 2.2
    01/01/14 01:00 1.1 2.2
    01/01/14 01:10 1.1 2.2
    02/01/14 00:00 1.1 2.2
    02/01/14 00:10 1.1 2.2

    Hopefully the number of readings per day is the same every day - in this
    case, 6 readings/hour * 24 hours = 144 readings - though I suppose I ought
    to cope with the case where a reading is lost.

    I want to plot a graph of one of the values (eg the third column) versus
    time for a chosen date, with the date (or at least a simple integer
    representing the day number) entered into a spreadsheet cell.

    For one specific hard-coded day I can create an XY scatter graph with


    In general, the start and end rows for any day number are:


    where Offset is 2 (to account for the first row being column headings) and
    RowsPerDay is 144 (6*24) - the simplest case where there are always the
    same number of readings per day.


    So my question is: how do I use these calculated start/end row values in the
    formula for the chart?

    I want the formula to be of the form


    so that when I change the DayNumber cell, I get a graph for a different
    day's data.


    It would be nice to be able to devise a formula which says "extract from all
    the data those rows whose column A matches a specified date and plot an XY
    graph of X=column B and Y=column C for those rows", so as to cope with the
    case where there are different numbers of rows for different days because of
    missing data.
    NY, Jan 30, 2014
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