Creating HTML e-mail Distribution Lists from an Access Database



I maintain an Access database which includes e-mail addresses. I also
maintain a Web page where I create various e-mail distribution lists using
the HTML mailto: command. Is there an easy way to get my e-mail addresses
from Access into a Web page with links that when clicked will open an e-mail
addressed to the distribution list. There are 6 different distribution lists
based on various queries from the database and maintaining each of them
manually on the Web page using the mailto: command is a drag.



Ron Hinds

You don't mention what webserver you are using. If it's IIS then your answer
is a simple ASP page, which might contain the following code snippet (assume
a table named ContactInfo with at least two fields):

oRS.Open "SELECT eMail, DisplayName FROM ContactInfo", oConn, adOpenStatic,

Do Until oRS.EOF
<A href="mailto:<%=oRS("eMail")%>"><%=oRS("DisplayName")</A><BR>

You might want to check out this website for more info on using ASP:

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