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Discussion in 'Word' started by MorleyE, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Nov 27, 2017
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    We use Word for writing reports that need lots of cross-references - mostly to figures like "(see Figure 15)" and less often, to tables. Its one of the most valuable (but apparently little-used) time-savers in Word, as when you add a new figure inserted early in a document you don't have to manually renumber all subsequent captions and cross-references for all those you already inserted. Updating the List of Figures is also painless.

    However, when you first insert a cross-reference each and every time you open every document, the default 'Reference type' is "Numbered Item" (I don't even know what these are!) and the style or what they call 'Insert reference to' is "number and full caption". For perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of times I've had to scroll to the bottom of the type list to find "Figure" and then remember to change the style to "figure number only". I think we asked Microsoft to allow the defaults to be customized about Word 3.1 in 1989. I just forgot for the 5,000 time to change to "figure number only" and had to delete the cross-reference, reselect 'Only label and number' and reinsert
    A seemingly minor problem that is cumulatively a PIA!!.

    I'd much rather find out that I've missed a simple solution for years than to find out there isn't one still.
    MorleyE, Nov 27, 2017
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