.csv And (Possible) Spreadsheet Differences Questions




Using Excel 2007 and Windows 7.

I have a radio control program that allows one to create an Excel
spreadsheet of frequencies, radio filter characteristics, etc., and
Import it into the program. Then, when using the program, one can tune
the radio to particular frequencies, etc that were put on the spreadsheet.

The Format that the spreadsheet has to be in is very definitive,
but well defined.

It also has to be in .csv format prior to the radio's doing an Import of

So, up to yesterday, I created spreadsheets, and the program had no
difficulty in Importing them.

As of yesterday, it would not do any Import of newly created ones.
The older ones will Import just fine.

It can, of course, be something wrong in the program that became
corrupted, but frankly I don't think so. I did reload the software from
the CD, and did a new reinstall of it. Same problem.

My tentative conclusion is that "something" changed with the Excel.

The spreadsheet that works, and the ones that don't, look to be, other
than the numbers, identical. Both are in .csv format and apparently
identical, other than the numbers in them.

Is there any way to see the actual .csv formated items in the
spreadsheet ? The spreadsheets when I look at them look like the
typically saved Excel Workbook ones, but I realize once I do a Save As
to a .csv format, they are saved very differently.
Any way of seeing the .csv actual formated items ?

What else should I check between the old ones that work, and the new
ones that don't ? At first glance they sure do look identical, but I
keep thinking that there is something, meaningfully different between them.

Any thoughts on this, or things to try or look at, would be most

Thanks, Bob

BTW: the file icon for the saved .csv files have a picture of a page
with the right upper corner turned down a bit, and what looks like a
small "a" with perhaps a comma after it. Is this correct for .csv ?
Is there a list of these icon pix anywhere ?




First have a look at your .csv files via a simple text editor (they are text
files separated by commas)! My tip is that your Windows Regional settings
changed therefore some other separator (e.g.) semicolon) is used in Csv file.


„Bob†ezt írta:


Bob -- one of the best and handiest simple text editors to use for this is
good old Notepad
Right-click on the .csv file and then choose [Open With...] and pick Notepad




As to what to look for as differences between the old .csv files that work
and the new ones that don't:
#1 - look for a different character as the separator. In the classic .csv
file the separator character is a comma; but other characters can be used
such as the semi-colon ( ; ), the pipe ( | ) and even the tab.
#2 - look for a difference in the use of the double-quote or single-quote
marks (" and ').

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