.csv Saved File Question




Using Excel 2007 and Windows7

I have a radio control program where one defines a list of frequencies,
modes, etc, row after row, and the radio program can then do an IMPORT
of these database frequencies and allow tuning to the particular frequency.

The spreadsheet format that is required is well spelled out, and must be
saved as a .csv

All works well, except:

The program never "grabs" the first actual data line in the .csv
spreadsheet to Import.

It always skips this first line.
Even if I put a blank line above this first actual frequency line.

Have no idea if it is a problem with the Import function that the
program has implemented, or perhaps something in the way Excel saves
..csv files ?

Was wondering if anyone might have any thoughts on this ?




David Biddulph

You can read the csv with something like Notepad, to confirm that your data
values are in there. Remember that csv is a plain text file.

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