Custom Toolbar disappears...



Hello, I succesfully installed FMC Stencils for Visio 2007. They are visible
and work only the first time I do this. Then, when adding custom buttons to
the menu bar or something else I don't know exactly it happens that next
Visio session hides that toolbar at all. I can still use stencils but no way
to make the FMC toolbar visible again. Inside the View menu there is no more
any FMC Toolbar entry.
Closing Visio and reinstalling the FMC Stencils doesn't work. To solve the
problem currently I only have to re-install Visio and Stencils.
Of course I can not do this each time I would like to use FMC language.

I checked about working path in Tools > Options > Advanced and everything

Where I can work to force Visio to load the Toolbars I like without
reinstalling everything ?

Someone suggested to use regedit and delete the toolbars subkey..I prefer to
ask before trying.

Any news or hints appreciated here




Finally I also tried to delete "toolbar" subkey inside the Windows registry
by regedit as someone suggested onto online posts but nothing new and nothing
works too..

I am asking to FMC home site about any help..but it seems there is no so
much support about this, like FMC is going to be a dead standard, especially
here in Italy.

What I could try at least is some manual file manipulation in visio
to try to force it displaying again that toolbar. Any hint here ?
This is the kind of help I hope for, here..

I tried to reset toolbars but of course that works only with "displayed"
toolbars...not for that one I missed.

Thus I am moving now towards UML 2.0 if I do not get any solution about this
it's a pity since it seemed FMC good really help as semi-formal modelling
language and Visio also an excellent but I can not promote a language for my
thesis work that is "dead" or similar


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