Data points in chart incorrect


Stephen Petitt

I hope someone can help me with an Excel 2003 problem.

I have a chart that plots multiple weeks of data to allow me to spot weekly trends, I'm then using the autofilter to reduce the data to a subset which I can review on a chart.

As an example, I have data for w/c 02/04, 09/04, 16/04, and 23/04 plotted as 4 series on an XY Scatter chart of time (00:00-23:59) vs. price, and I've used automfilter, to display one product and data only for Fridays.

I've noticed a problem with a point in the latest set of data. When plotted as the only series it plots correctly and when I hover over the point it correctly reports "14:08 0.14", however, if I add another series the point moves on the graph and then reports as "16:46 0.14", add a third series and it moves again to "14:39 0.14", and so on.

So to summarise, it plots in the correct place on the chart for the data value as reported, but the data value is being reporte incorrectly, unless it is in the only series being plotted.

Hope the above makes sense and thanks in advance for any help.


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