Data validation


Fred Boer


Well, I am considering how to deal with data validation. I am able to use
the data validation that is available through the Properties sheet. It
appears, however, that the error message popup message is delayed until
saving changes. A couple of questions:

1. Is there a way to limit data entry in a combobox to the "Possible
Values"? Something similar to the "LimitToList" property in Access
2. Is the built in validation the only available option? Can we do it using
VBA and events?




Sue Mosher [MVP]

Are you referring to an Outlook custom form? If so, on the Advanced
Properties dialog for the control, does the MatchRequired property fit your
scenario for #1?

Doing validation with VBA events would mean distributing that VBA code to
each user, for which there isn't a good supported method. If you need to
validate as the user enters data, see for available form code

Fred Boer

Hello Sue:

Although I've only been working with Outlook for a week or two, it's seems
obvious that you are one of the gurus in this field! Thanks for your help.

Yes, the "MatchRequired" advanced property does seem to be what I need. A
follow up question, however: where the heck in the Outlook Help system can I
get information on these advanced properties? I've spent about half an hour
trying everything I can think of but can't find anything.

With respect to my VBA question, I must apologize for my careless use of
terms. I think what I meant to say was "VBScript" not "VBA". I meant to
refer to the programming environment used by Outlook. The question rephrased
would be, perhaps, "Is it common/possible to use code in VBScript to do data
validation on custom form fields?"

Thanks again!


Sue Mosher [MVP]

To get to the Outlook Developer Help, open the VBA window and press F1. It's
also available online at MSDN.

Outlook has two programming environments -- VBScript for code behind Outlook
forms and VBA for macros and application-level event handlers. Information
on using VBScript to handle users' interaction with the controls on the
form, including validation, is at the link I posted earlier.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
Author of Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming:
Jumpstart for Power Users and Administrators

Fred Boer

Thanks again. I have (finally) figured out how to find what I needed in
Outlook help. I was looking in the "Microsoft Outlook Visual Basic
Reference", but the help I needed was in "Outlook - Forms> Control

The question I'd like to ask the developers of the Help system is: "Why the
heck when I type "MatchEntry" in the search textbox, is nothing found!?".
Surely you should be able to enter the name of any property/method/object
and be linked to help entries for that item....





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