Database Hangups



I have an Access 2003 database that gets most of its functionality from a
reference to another Access 2003 mdb library. There are lots of tables and
queries some links and others local. Whenever I run my daily routines of this
database, they run fine. However, when I go to close the database, it hangs
up. At times I open Task Manager just before closing it, scroll down to the
process of the database which shows 0% CPU usage until the second I hit the
close button to shut the database down. At that point, the CPU usage of this
process jumps to 24+ and the database hangs. At this point I have to use Task
Manager to close it. Does anybody here have any ideas as why this might be
happening? Thanks



AccessVandal via

If you have open an object, make sure you close it "Set Object = Nothing". If
you open a recordset, close it "rsRecordset.Close"

Take a look at Allen Browne's site on tips of how to prevent some of the
problems you're having.

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