Database Model stops responding


Rick Meisenholder

When I select a database model, Visio hangs and ultimately
reports a "program not responding" error. I've uninstalled
and reinstalled - same problem. Has anyone had this error,
and if so, what did you do to correct it?




I have just installed Visio 2003 and cannot create a new
Database Model Diagram either. It just hangs with the
hourglass cursor.

Don't know what's going on but since this is about all I
use this software for, it's a big problem for me.




I posted a support email at Microsoft. Guess what! they
called within 10 minutes. Probably because the guy knew
what the problem was and he could get more points for a
speedy problem resolution.

He said to delete my printer. Then I could open visio
and create a database diagram. Apparently there is a
conflict between the Epson C80 series printer drivers and
visio. He says Microsoft is not going to fix this issue
and that it's an Epson thing.

Then why aren't any other microsoft products bothered?
Or any other software by any maker? And why is it just
the database model diagrams that don't work?

On a whim I reinstalled my C82 printer but didn't make it
my "default" printer. Visio still works, and I can
create Database Model Diagrams. But this is going to be
a pain to have to select the printer each time I want to
print to it.

This means I can't just hit the print button in ANY
software, just because Visio is picky. Oh boy. This is

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