Database Not Opening


Sean Timmons

So, I have what is admittedly a vey large DB (Near 2 GB).

I attempted to add a table (200 MB) to the DB, and the Database errored on me.

I ran a compact and repair, which appeared to be running along fine, then my
database window suddenly disappeared.

When I attempt to open, it just hourglasses for a split second and shows a
blank database screen. No database window, nothing else.

I tried F11 and lookin in Window, but there is no database window at all.

I have tried importing tables into a separate database and the import dialog
box won't even come up.

The original file is still 2 GB in size, so the data is presumably there

I went to Help - Detect and Repair, but that didn't seem to do anythign for
me at all.

anyone ever experience this? Is there any way to get all of this back?



Jerry Whittle

First thing to do is to make a copy of the problem database before messing
with it any more.

You already attempted my first thought: importing into a new database file.

The is a better compact and repair tool called JetComp available from
Microsoft. It runs outside of Access and can fix things that a Compact and
Repair can't. Google for it.

I hate to ask, but how recent is your latest backup?

For other ideas Tony Toews has an excellent web page on database corruption.

Allen Brown also has excellent info on corruption.

I have a white paper in a Word document named Fix Corrupt Access Database
towards the bottom this page:



Sean Timmons

Thank you for the tips!

The JetComp wasn't able to fix the problem, but thankfully, I had a version
from 2 days prior available.

That's why we tell the kids to back up their data...

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