Database will not open



Using Access 2003 under Windows XP. I know enough about Access to know I
don't know enough. Unfortunately, the person who originally created this
database has been sent to Afghanistan for a year, so I am trying to help out
our end user. Database ends in .ade (I'm used to .mdb extension) and will
not open. When the user doubleclicks on the document, Access tries (really
hard) to open but then closes right back up. Does anyone have any

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

An ADE is the compiled version of an ADP (Access Data Project) which is a
special front-end to a SQL-Server back-end. If it does happen to be corrupt,
you are out of luck without the ADP that generated it.

I suggest checking that the other requirements are in place before emailing
Afghanistan (yes they do have email in Afghanistan, I emailed my son there

Make sure that the SQL-Server is started and that the database file is where
it's expected (it will have an MDF extension). Also ADO must be installed.
The version for Access 2003 was 2.1 you will need the file:


Lastly, hunt on the server and/or on creator's computer for a file with the
same name, but ADP extension. You will need that to make any changes or



Jerry Whittle

Have you tried opening that file using another computer? Hopefully it's a
problem with the computer and not the file.

Why do I say that? An ade file is similar to an mde file. It's compiled so
that you can't make much in the was of changes to the code including the
forms, reports, and modules. Therefore any fix will probably require a fresh
copy of this file or the source adp file.

Now if you are having a really bad day, the developer didn't bother to split
the database tables into another file. If everything, including the tables,
are in this ade file and its corrupt, well, when was the latest backup?

If the tables are in this ade file, you might try to open a new adp file and
import the tables into it. More about ade's:




Yes I tried it on two other computers. You have given me a couple of
alternatives. Let me see what I can come up with...I hate feeling stupid!
Thanks for your help. I may be back!

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