Datafields for datasource in Outlook Today page


Willem T.

Hi everyone!

Currently I'm trying to change the Outlook Today page a little. At this
moment it sums up all the Inbox/Junkmail folders from all my email accounts
on the Outlook Today page under Messages. Problem is that every Inbox folder
is just called Inbox, not <accountname> - Inbox or something similar. This I
want to do by adding something like:
<DIV DATAFLD="NameOfAccount" DATAFORMATAS="html" class=Folder></DIV>

Obviously this doesn't work, and I've tried many other keywords instead of
Is there any list available with all the datafields you can possibly use for
the Outlook databinding object?
This following is the one I mean by that by the way:
<OBJECT ID="MailList" CLASSID="CLSID:0468C085-CA5B-11D0-AF08-00609797F0E0">
<PARAM NAME="Module" VALUE="Inbox"></OBJECT>

I hope someone can help me out! Thanks in advance either way.

Gr. Willem


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