Dealing with a Pivot Table (when I don't want to)

Oct 6, 2015
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Home & Student 2019, Win 10. Every week or two I get a pivot table for my (contracted) job that is formatted with colors that make it unusable printed, which I need. So I copy it to blank spreadsheet, adjust the backgrounds and column widths, but cannot reorder the rows. I really don't know anything about pivot tables and aside from this transaction have not had need to use them (I hadn't even heard of them in well over 20 years using Office). So I have two questions:

- Is there a way to de-Pivotize the table either directly, i.e., without having to copy it to another spreadsheet or, if not, after copying it?

- What is the way within a Pivot table to edit row order, e.g., add blank rows and then copy and delete?


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