Dedicated Server and small home office synchronisation




You may think this is the wrong place but I am not sure if I can do it with
sharepoint or even sql server but the system I have at the moment isn't
really working well.

We have a dedicated virtual server running our email and ftp service which
at the moment is a basic NAT for all users (5 users all over the UK). The
email/ftp server are working great however we share 'projects' with each
other and at times work on the same projects. we are trying to
share/synchronise currently around 25gig of mainly office files
(word/excell/access and photos mainly) within a project folder system.

At the moment I am relying on staff to synchronise themselves and each home
office have responsibility to invoice etc our clients. If they don't
synchronise immediately then others may duplicate the invoice number etc...

What I want to do is for a system (I suppose almost like IMAP on email) that
will allow us to also work 100% offline to run automatically either
periodically or live/pinging check to keep the files both sides upto date in
order that if I save a new invoice the dedicated server NAT is updated and
then as others 'ping' in they are automatically synchronised.

At the moment I am using a software called beyond compare, which is doing
its job and in theory I can automate it however its with little success as
its not smart to realise or highlight mismatches and if files are
deleted/moved old copies are recopied by others into the old place further
duplicating files or even worse the files being deleted.

Can this be done by something by MS such as sharepoint and/or sql? I dont
want to use a live service as it will be too slow and the amount of storage
is too large. I do have a ftp backup to another server for the 'database' of
files giving us grandfather/father/son backups.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Briefcase and autosync again havent been
successful as sometimes files dont sync properly or when off line become

even if you know of 'non-ms' software any help would be appreciated...its
almost a file/folder version of exchange but more complicated than home
server etc...

many thanks in advance




I forgot to mention our dedicated server currently has web 2003 version of MS
server and most users are currently using vista on laptops...thanks

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