Defining Combo Box values...


Mojtaba Danai


I am trying to make a From with two Combo Box in it. I wish to have the
following behaviour in the form;

When I choose a value from the first Combo Box (Combo1), which has its Row
Source a table, the values presented on the second Combo Box (Combo2) be
based on Combo1.
So if I change the value in Combo1, the list in Combo2 has to changed.

These values for these two combo boxes have to be read from two tables,
which have one-many relation. That is why the values of Combo2 is depend of
values form Combo1.

Does any body know, how I can do this? In Row Source properties for Combo2
or Control Source?
How the SQL query looks like?

for exampel: select col2 from tab1, tab2 where table1.col1=
But the above SQL does not work!

Hope that some body can help

Thanks in advance

Mojtaba Danai
Ericsson Ireland


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