Definition of queue job state "Skipped for Optimization", Server 2



I opened a project changed a Custom field from "proposed" to "active" and hit
publish. Server Settings/Manage Queue says "Skipped for Optimization". As I
see this message frequently I thought I would determine what it meant before
PMs start asking. I search Help for "Skipped for Optimization" and get "no
results found". I search on queue job states and get tons of garbage but no
definitions of queue job states. Since MS doesn't know what its product does,
I thought maybe somebody in Forum might. Anybody know what the implications
of this job state means? Did the publish not take place? The field has been
updated in PWA, so I believe it has. But then what did or did not take place?



Gary L. Chefetz


Consider the following scenario:

A project manager saves a project, publishes, then realizes there's one
minor error, makes a change and saves and publishes again. This creates a
series of queue jobs: Save, Publish, Save, Publish. If all of these are in
the queue at the same time, the queue is intelligent enough to eliminate the
intermediate publish and will "skip it for optimization," saving system
resources so that the sequence will be Save, Save, Publish. Make sense?

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May 23, 2014
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I am getting Job State = Skipped for Optimization for Job Type = Status Update with %Complete = 16%.. Now this job type shouldn't be skipped for optimization as per the above understanding. Moreover there are no pre and post jobs in queue for the same project. What could be the reason here? using PWA PS 2010

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