Deleted E-Mails in Shared Mailbox Reappear after deleting




We have an odd problem with one deleted email. A deleted email in one shared
Mailbox reappear after a few hours again.

Exchange 2007 SP1 RU9
Outlook 2007 SP1
Client Windows XP SP2
Antivirus McAffee (on the Clients)

60 User have access to the effected Shared Mailbox

Troubelshooting steps so far:
1. Disabled Antivirus on the effected Clients
2. Deleted on "some clients" the ost file
3. Checked the message tracking, there the mail is only one time, at that
date when it was send original

Because 60 users access this mailbox, I actually dont want to delete all the
ost Files. Is there another way to troubleshoot this issue? Only with one
Email this issue occurs.
As far as I see it, one of the users has a corrupt ost file and this
replicates the effected email always back to the mailbox.

Any hint and troubleshooting step is highly appriciated!




Roady [MVP]

That theory won't fly as shared mail folders are not cached.
Tried deleting it via OWA already? Does it return then?
When exactly does it return?
If you were to test it at night, when all the clients are turned off, and
delete it via OWA, does it still return?
If so, you'll have to look your answer at server level instead.




Hi Roady,

thanks for your answer. You are right, Shared Mailboxes are not working
cashed mode. I did more troubleshooting this night, and I hope you have an
idea whats happen here.

1. Deleted the Mails with OWA, no Outlook Client was connected.
A.: The Mails reappeared again. Then I did not delete the Mail and exactly
the same mail arrived again in this Mailbox. To make it more confusing,
sometimes the mails (same timestamp), arrive not only in the Inbox, they
arrive also in the Rootfolder.
2. Deleted the Mailbox and created a new Mailbox
A.: Same Issue

What I already mentioned, this mails are not delivered through the HUB
Transport Server, some of this reappearing Mails are from last year, and in
the header I can read the old E2K3 Servers.

Might it be, that a Service Account is writing directly into this Mailbox?


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