Detect & Repair Question Please


Bob Newman

I am running XPPro & Office 2000 Small Business edition. Every so often
Outlook refuses to start & I must run "detect & repair" and that fixes it
okay (I still don't know what's causing this however). My question is:
when I chose "detect & repair" I an asked to put in my original installation
disc. This is a pain. Surely whatever detect & repair is looking for can
be installed on my hard drive so I don't have to keep going back to the
install disc. Help please.

Thanks in advance... Bob




How about copying the installation disk to your harddisk? When detect and
repair is run, it uses the installation disk to verify or replace possible
corrupted program files. Therefor you need the CD.

Wouldn't you rather post your problem to find out why you need to run detect
and repair?

Hope this helps!

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