Dialog Box - Cross-functional Flowchart



I recently created a flowchart in Vision 2000 (SR-1). I
included a page with a cross-functional flowchart, then
later changed my mind and deleted the shape. Now every
time I open the file, I get a dialog box asking for the
band orientation on the cross-functional flowchart. I can
just cancel the dialog box and it goes away, but comes
back each time I open the file. Since I need to share
this file with many executives, I want to be able to make
the dialog box go away, just like the cross-functional

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!



Mark Nelson [MS]

Try this:

Launch Visio and start a blank drawing.
Load your flowchart drawing in Visio.
Select All, Copy and Paste your flowchart to the blank drawing.
Save the blank drawing.

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