Different calendars Project server/pro 2003



I have in the enterprise global a base calendar named "Estandar" (8am ..12pm
and 1pm to 5pm), and also my resources use this calendar.

The problem is that I have some projects that were imported to the project
server with a differente calendar named "standard" (9am..1pm and 2pm to 6pm).

There are resourses (Estandar calendar) asigned to the projects with
"Standard" calendar. The problem is that if I have linked tasks (Finish to
Start), the duration is 1 day, but the Star is 9/dec/07 and Finish is
10/dec/07. When I see the view of Task usage I found that tue work is 1hr
9/dec/07 and 7hr 10/dec/07 because the predecesor task has less than 8hrs of

For my company we work with complete days of 8 hrs, we do not use decimal
days (ex. 1.3day)

What can I do?

Also I trying to change calendars but it does not work. And sometimes when I
try to add a resource from the resource pool, project show me a message that
said something that I need to synchronize the project pro calendar with the
project server calendar. (How can I do for do this when this process is not

Thank you for your answers!!

You can write me to: (e-mail address removed)


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