digital signature gets corrupt

Discussion in 'Access Security' started by Dagmar, May 24, 2010.

  1. Dagmar

    Dagmar Guest


    we are developing a piece of software which comes as an Access 2003/2007 mde
    file which contains the program code. Those files are digitally signed in
    Visual Studio using a code signing certificate. This basically works fine
    except for the fact that now and then the signature of those files gets
    corrupt and users see a "Microsoft Access Security Notice ... A potential
    security concern has been identified. Warning: The digital signature has been
    tampered with after the content was signed. This content cannot be

    I cannot find out which event causes the signatures to get corrupted, but it
    happens now and then and it happens to most of our customers. Anybody got any

    Kind regards,
    Dagmar, May 24, 2010
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  2. One possibility I've heard of is if an action query gets changed by
    your code.

    Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
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    For a convenient utility to keep your users FEs and other files
    updated see
    Granite Fleet Manager
    Tony Toews [MVP], May 24, 2010
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