Disappearing send/receive button



I have outlook connector installed on my desktop and my laptop. On the
desktop everything works fine, but on the laptop, my send receive button
shows on outlook till I sign in, then it just disappears. I have messages in
my outbox that I can't send because of this and in order to receive my new
mail I have to totally sign out of outlook and back in, but it still leaves
messages in my outbox. Can anyone help with this problem. I have outlook
professional 2003 on both laptop and desktop. This is getting quite



K. Orland

You can always press F9 to send/receive.

Close Outlook. Search for and rename the outcmd.dat file. Open Outlook again
to see if that's resolved the problem.

You should first use Windows Explorer to enable the view of hidden folders
and files, plus known file extensions.

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