Distorted and misaligned Visio Diagrams after saving


George Baker

I am in a Dept that does Business Analysis and
Improvement as well as Documentation, as a result we use
Visio extensively. Recently we have noticed that
completed Flow Diagrams which were perfect on completion
and saving, when reopened or emailed become extremely
elongated or compressed to the point that they are
appearing as gibberish. It is happening with multi-sheet
Visio documents largely and are observed after documents
were emailed after being reopening and recipients
complained of appearance.Sample is available if viewing



Mark Nelson [MS]

Do those who see distorted drawings connect to a different printer (both
physically different as well as a different model)? That is one possible
explanation. Although if that is really the issue, I'd like to know how
severe the distortion is. Typically this would only cause a minor

You might try setting a different printer or no printer as your default then
saving and sending the Visio drawing to confirm whether this is the culprit.

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