Does OWC work with Office 2007?




I just came across OWC and thought of implementing it. But, I'm having
troubles in the first step it self. I am not sure if I'm having compatibility
issues. I have downloaded OWC10 and OWC11, but I am unable to implement.

Here is my system configuration
Office 2007
WindowsXP SP3 on Thinkpad.
Visual Studio 2008.

My idea is to use C# for backend coding and the data source is a stored
procedure in SQL server.

If some one could list the steps to install these components and brief on
implementation that would be great. Also please point me to some examples or
resources that explain OWC in great detail.


Alvin Bruney - ASP.NET MVP

OWC are client side components so you can't program it from the server.
You'll need to stream the script out from the server to get it to work - not
much effort really. OWC has been disabled in VS2008 and following. This
means only that it won't show up on the designer. However, if you copy the
object tag into the aspx page, it will continue to work just fine. On my
blog somewhere is the list of object tags that you can use. I've also got
snippets there as well. This newsgroup has perhaps everything you need on
learning the OWC.

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