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I’m putting a book in Publisher 2003. Have question about the way it does
jpegs: The publishing company wants 300 dpi if possible, but no less than
200 dpi. So I often have inserted an image that has, say, 500 dpi (big
file). So I follow Microsoft online directions for transforming this image,
using “Save as Picture†and then “Change Picture.†In the Save as Picture
dialog box, I “Change Resolution†down to 300dpi, rename, and save. Then I
go back to my document and “Change Picture.†My new image is duly inserted.
But when I check, the "effective resolution" is not 300dpi (which I
specified), but rather 240 dpi. What gives?



Matt Beals

Well it sounds like that they are being enlarged to fit the previous
versions positioning. That would explain the decrease in resolution.
Remember, when you shrink an image it goes up in resolution. When you
enlarge an image it goes down.

Just place them into Publisher and scale them to size. Once you're done and
ready to go you can then do a couple of things. You can print a PostScript
file and make a PDF which will *then* down sample the images. Or you can
send them to the printer as is and they will end up doing it for you as part
of their normal processes.

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