Duplicate hashtags in OneNote

Mar 4, 2019
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Apart from the pre-defined tags that OneNote provides (accessible from Tags dropdown CTRL + 1..9), we can also use hashtags (#tagname) as a tag in our note.

Good thing is that OneNote will list down all such #tags used in the notebook in the Tags Summary side window under the heading "tag".

However, my query is that it lists down each and every tag used separately, resulting in duplicate tags.

For example:
Notebook 1 >> Section 1 >> Page 1 >> I have a list of items. (Say to do list). In that list, against a particular item, I have typed "#customer" without the quotes.
Then in Section 3 >> Page 12 >> I have another list of items. (Say task assigned list). In this list, against another item, I have the same "#customer" typed without the quotes.

Ideally, these two tags are the same and should be shown only once, with two usage references.
Instead, OneNote shows it as two separate tags and I have to click each to know which one points to which page / section / item.

Is there any solution to this issue?




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