Duplicate RSS messages in Outlook



I get numerous duplicate messages in all of my RSS feeds. I do not delete
any messages but rather mark them as read. I find that the duplicate
messages appear whether I'm syncing Outlook on two machines to my same single
Exchange account or not. The largest offender is
http://www.thesynchole.com/rss.php ... a feed for the Samsung a707 cell
phone. Has anyone found a solution for all these duplicates? I'm talking
about up to 6 or 7 duplicates per message! I get no duplicates in IE7.




I have the same issues. I have about 30 feeds, and most of them have lots of
duplicate postings. It makes things VERY difficult...


Dec 15, 2014
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I had this same issue at my workplace, using Outlook 2010.

I solved it by going into Internet Explorer and opening the Internet Options.

Go to the Content tab

Click on the Settings button or the Feeds and Web Slices

Uncheck all the option boxes. I don't know whether unchecking all the boxes is required, but it worked and it did not impair the RSS feeds I had already set up in Outlook.

I've had no more duplicates since that time.

Hope this helps.

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