DVZAddin.dll file not found error from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Basic



Problem: you start a Microsoft Office application, or exit one, and you

get an error box that tells you that the system can't find a file calld

DVZAddin.dll or something similar.

Analysis: You have, or did have, Documents to Go installed.
DVZAddin.dll and similarly named files, such as DVZXLAddin.dll, are
part of Documents to Go. Office knows about them because they are
referenced in an Office template, called DVZAddin.dot or DVXWaddin.dot
or similiar. Uninstalling Documents to Go does not always remove the
DTG Office templates. This is a classic example of how the software
industry frequently doesn't bother to test their products sufficiently,
thereby committing constant and continuing fraud on the public and
getting away with it.

Possible solution:

Search for DVZ*.* Especially look for template files in the Office
STARTUP directories. Find them and rename, move or delete them. There
may be more than one of them. In my case, they were in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\STARTUP


C:\Documents and Settings\rbethune\Application

I run Office 2003.

I hope this helps!

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