Dynamic Bar of Pie Chart: Series1 Label & Value Issue



I have created a Bar of Pie chart and everything works great. I even have
named ranges on my data so that the bar portion automatically updates when
the data changes. However the Series1 Label on the pie itself does not
change to reflect the new total so that it is the sum of all the values in
the right column below. Does that make sense?

I have one series and my data looks like this:

Contracts 100
Name1 100
Name2 150
Name3 200
Name4 75
Name5 50
Name6 25

The pie portion has Contracts & Other as labels with the totals of 100 and
617 respectively (the 617 total is from the last time I changed the chart).
The Other label should be 600. The Values named range is all the numbers in
the right column and the Labels named range is all the items on the left.

I would also like to have the label that shows "Other" to be named
"Programs" but do not know how to do that when the chart is refreshed each
time. Thank you for any help that you can provide!

Shane Devenshire



turn on Values and Categories for data labels (and percent if you want).
Single click any data lable. then single click the "Other" data lable. Drag
through the word Other and replace it with the title you want.

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