Dynamic charts with named range Windows 8.1




I have this file working fine for years with Dynamic charts using named ranges in Excel 2007 and Windows 7.

If I use same file in another pc Excel 2007 but windows 8.1 this is what happens:

The chart is not working anymore because the named ranges lost their reference to the workbook, let me explain:

In the chart the x values are referenced as: ='myworkbook.xlsx'!chtX, similarly the y values are ='myworkbook.xlsx'!chtY

When I open the file in the pc windows 8.1 I see that appears now:
=[0]!chtX and =[0]!chtY and then the chart is frozen.

If I correct those references ('myworkbook.xlsx'!chtX...) , it works again... then save the book, exit Excel, open again and voila, the refereneces are again lost and I have again =[0]!chtX and =[0]!chtY

Any idea what it wrong? the only difference as far as I know is that the pc with the problem is running windows 8.1

Thanks for your time


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