dynamic formulas



Hi there.
I have excel documents named like January.xlsx, Feb...xlsx then to
And I have a huge file named Year.xlsx which has links from these month
files (all formulas are the same, sama cell numbers, same worksheet names
What I would like to know is is there any way to choose the month name and
excel could update itself. for example:
='[January.xlsx]Workseet 1'!$G15

Lets say I will resever A1 for data cell and will make a dropdown list
there. When I select February I'd like excel to update all formulas from Jan
to Feb. It sounds too hard but I'm sure there is a way to make it. any ideas?



Bob Phillips

Personally I would merge all 13 workbooks into one workbook, with month
named sheets.




There is a function in Excel called INDIRECT which allows you to use a cell
reference in a formula. You would be able to write the formula to reference
the month cell that would be dynamic. The formula will be something like
=INDIRECT(A1&"Workseet 1'!$G15"). You may need to work through the
concatenation, but you should be able to get it to work.

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