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Tereza Zambrano

I have been trying to create a dynamic query, it works for
some of the variables, then it stops, when I try to look
at the sql code its HUGE and wont open..here is my code
Basically I have a dialog box with 10 fields, and set 10
parameter in my query ( exactly the same order as the
This critieria for the 10 fields:[Forms]![FrmDynamic]!
[DMPC]Or Like [Forms]![FrmDynamic]![DMPC] Is Null
When I make a selection the cmd button calls the query.
Please help...



[MVP] S. Clark

Anything more than one parameter, especially when an OR condition is needed,
I switch to the method of creating the SQL string in VBA code.


Steve Clark, Access MVP
FMS, Inc.
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Dennis Schmidt

Hi Tereza,

My name is Dennis Schmidt. Thank you for using the Microsoft Newsgroups.

The following article on creating a truely "dynamic" query is the way to go:

Query by Form (QBF) Using Dynamic QueryDef


I hope this helps! If you have additional questions on this topic, please
reply to this posting.

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Dennis Schmidt
Microsoft Support

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