Edit legend entry for a trendline



Is there a way to edit the legend text for a trendline?

Or is the only option to:

1. delete the tendline legend entry
2. create a "dummy" data series to add the legend item
3. remove the marker and line from the "dummy" series, so only the title



Luke M

Go to Chart -> Add Trendline. Click the Options tab. You can then input a
custom name for your trendline.
Or if you've already added it, double click on line, go to Options tab.


Duh... I had even used a Custom Trendline name earlier. My memory is not
what it used to be.

I was frustrated with trying to enter custom names for data series legend
entries without renaming the series itself. There seems to be no option for

Jon Peltier

No option for what? The technique Luke described does what it sounds like
you're asking.

- Jon


Sorry - that was poorly worded. I have gone slightly off-topic by now
wanting to change the legend entry for scatter plot series.

I would like to double-click on the legend entry (or right click and Format)
as I do on axis titles, etc. to enter new or different text, regardless of
whether it is a trendline or scatter plot data. Right now, the only way to
change the legend entry for scatter plot data is to change the series name.
However, there are many instances where I don't want to change the series
name (such as I have many series on a single chart, and identify them by the
series name, but only want a single legend entry to represent all of them).

If there is a way of changing the legend entry for a data series, I am
unaware of it.

Mike Middleton

GJS001 -

In Excel 2003 and earlier, right-click the trendline and from the shortcut
menu choose Format Trendline. Or, select the trendline, and choose Format |
Selected Trendline. In the Format Trendline dialog box, on the Options tab,
in the "Trendline name" section, click Custom and type a name. Click OK.

In Excel 2007, select the trendline (if necessary, using the Up Arrow and
Down Arrow to cycle through the major chart objects), and choose (Chart
Tools) Format | (Current Selection) Format Selection. In the Format
Trendline dialog box, on the Trendline Options tab, ...

- Mike Middleton
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Jon Peltier

A legend shows the series name in a legend entry. Period.

To display fewer legend entries than the chart would show by default, click
once on the legend, then once on an extraneous legend entry, then press
Delete. To get any deleted legend entries back, you have to delete the
legend and add it back, with all legend entries.

- Jon

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