email address in the senders field


Namita Goel

Could anyone has the idea how can I have email address in
the senders field rather than their name. I am designing
a program where I need the senders email address so that
I can reply them automatically. I am using Microsoft
Outlook 2000.




Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

In Outlook 2003, you can use the MailItem.SenderEmailAddress, but note that
it's subject to security prompts.

In earlier versions, there is no Outlook property that returns the sender's
email address. You can either use CDO (or Redemption to avoid security
prompts -- to get the From address or
use Outlook to get the Reply To address. Sample code at

To get the SMTP address from an Exchange sender or recipient, use CDO or
Redemption and the PR_EMAIL (&H39FE001E) MAPI property to obtain the SMTP
address from the AddressEntry object. See and for examples.

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