Email disappears from outbox but does not get sent



Went I send an email from outlook, it disappears from the outbox as if it was
sent, but it does not actually get sent.

It is going via SMTP server and I triple checked, and the settings are right.

I do not get any outlook errors, the emails just dont actually get sent.




Bob I

Perhaps an interfering Anti-virus scanning add-in? If so, try disable,
if still interfering, reinstall the A-V software with out that feature.



Orland, Kathleen

Do you get a copy in your Sent Items folder? How do you know it's not being
sent? Perhaps it's sent and ends up in your recipient's junk mail folder?

When you enable the view of your send/receive progress window, there's a
tab for errors. If the mail does not get sent, check that tab to see if
there are errors.

If you have antivirus configured to actively scan incoming and outgoing
email, this could be an issue that would cause what you see. Disable the
integration with Outlook (it won't compromise your security) and try again.

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