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Feb 26, 2019
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Hi all,

I am wondering if someone can advise me the best way to achieve what i am needing to be done.
We have an excel spreadsheet that holds registers of things like Hazardous Substances, first aid etc. These have fields that have expiry dates on them and renewal / update is required. My intention is to link these into sharepoint for client to access and update as necessary. How do i work out how to send them notifications when these expiry dates have passed or are coming due without me having to open the excel document daily / weekly etc.. So realistically the client do all the work themselves, we just store the information for them. I am opened to using any office products to achieve what i need to. Just as long as it will send the notification near due and i don't have to go in opening excel / word / powerpoint or whatever it is we end up using for the notification to be sent.
thanks in advance wurxsafe ....


Mar 4, 2016
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Hello Wurxsafe,

Yes this can be done using SharePoint List where you can configure the Alerts based on Expiry /Due date or you can also setup the workflow which can trigger based on Expiry /Due date.

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