Endnotes disappear from screen in Word 2007 Print Layout

Mar 1, 2015
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This is a known problem. Search this forum for "endnotes disappear". The first two results, both years old, precisely state the problem I have. Writing a book with extensive endnotes, I have created chapters as individual files, in Print Layout view. Once a chapter is more than 20 pages or thereabouts, with any number of pages of endnotes, the problem occurs, randomly. As described by the two archive posts I have cited, for no particular reason when clicking or scrolling or typing in endnotes, suddenly they disappear from the pages on the screen. The pages are still there, with headers and footer (page numbers in my case), but they are blank. The work-around is to either Ctrl+End to get to the end of text, then page down to where I was in the endnotes; or when the endnotes disappear, PageUp repeatedly until, at some unpredictable point, they reappear, then PageDown to where I was -- sometimes 100 pages away! There has never been a loss of endnotes -- just a lot of fear when they disappear -- especially in my complete book which is about 550 pages of main body chapters + about 150 pages of endnotes. It's scary to see the endnotes disappear, especially as I near completion of 4 years of book writing. I have experienced the problem on 3 computers, with 20+ different documents, for several years. Help! Does anyone know what situation or problem causes this, or is it a code defect in Word 2007?

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