Entourage 2008 database damage - loss of huge amount of data.



Dear all,

I need help with urgency as I am in a state of complete desperation.

As I tried to start Entourage as I always do today I was surprised
with a notification that my database had been damaged and needed to be
rebuilt. I first ran the database verification tool and it confirmed
that the database had indeed been damaged. I then rebuilt the
database. The problem is that after rebuilding the database nothing is
where it should be. An enormous amount of data seems to be missing. In
the sent items folder it only displays one e-mail sent by me in the
year of 2012 when I have in fact sent hundreds. My folder organization
system is also gone. I had numerous subfolders with rules that would
move e-mails to these folders according to the sender and many are

Entourage is without a doubt my most used and important application as
I use it to manage my personal and business e-mails, contacts,
calendar, projects and a few other things. The information contained
there is invaluable and this loss represents a financial loss to me
that I simply can't put a price tag on.

Can anyone help me on how to try to save my database and the
information it contains ? Is there another utility or perhaps a
different way to restore the using Microsoft's own database utility
that would restore my database to its original state ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




Feb 16, 2012
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Re: Entourage 2008 database damage

If Database utility is unable to solve your problem, you may go for a third party Entourage database recovery application. You can make a search on google or any other search engine to find out the tool.
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