Entourage mysteriously sending email to common names in message body, help!



I recently had a horrible scary problem in which a google group that i mentioned in the body of an email, not the address bar, was sent a very compromising message that i had sent to a friend, asking him to send a message to that group. Unfortunately, that compromising message was sent to that entire google group, and has ruined a city-sponsored program i was directing. The only two things that could have happened are 1) Entourage interpreted "my..google.group" in the message body to mean "retrieve that group address block from Entourage's address book and send to all" or 2) my friend accidentally forwarded that email to the google group. I've looked at the headers, and retrieved a copy of the group message that went out to see that header. The header from my original shows it addressed to one person. The header from the group mail that went out shows it addressed both to the original friend i send it to, as well as the google group. HOwever, the formatting of that address bar is odd: "To: Duncan Rxxxxx ,whiteaker neighbors" I noticed that the space and comma are a bit our of sync with what i would expect from an auto-complete, and looks like poor data entry. Has anyone else had this problem. It scares me because i can't have this happen and need to turn this pref OFF or find a solution. This little mistake has wrecked a whole group of social relationships. I have all the headers if anyone can interpret them. Thanks in advance. DR


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