Error 3348


Thomas M

Access 2003

I am building a small database application to track my time usage. The
database contained just 3 tables--one main table called Time Usage that
stores the bulk of the data and two tables that are used to populate
drop-down boxes on my input form. I decided to add a forth table which
will also be used to populate a drop-down box on my input form.

I created the new table, entered values into the table, added the table
to the table relationships with referential integrity set, added the
table to the necessary query, added the drop-down box to my input form,
and set the source for the drop-down box. I then went into the Time
Usage table and specified a value for the new field in each of the
existing records.

Now, when I try to add a new record I get the following error when I tab
to the first field on my input form:

Runtime error '3348':

Cannot add record(s); join key of table 'Time Usage' not in
record set.

Online Help just says:

This is an unexpected error. Please contact Microsoft Product
Support Services for more information.

The field that I am tabbing into when this error occurs runs this simple

Private Sub Start_Time_GotFocus()
[Start Time].Value = Now()
End Sub

Currently, the macro project is NOT signed (it was, but I lost that
somehow). When I try to sign it I get a message saying that the
certificate will be discarded. When I try to create a new certificate I
get an error saying that the certificate could not be created.

Other than the macro project not being signed, can anyone tell me what
may be causing this problem, and how to fix it?



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