Error Changing field text size limit


Julie Nicole


I entered a name into the form and ran out of spaces.
I went back to the table to increase the field text limit from 50 to 70
It tells me I have to first delete the relationships.
I did this so nothing shows up and it still says I hav to delete the
relationsips. I have tried saving the relationship window being empty and
still get the error. I think this is stupid. I created the table and have
done extensive data entry and have to delete the relationships just to
change the field size????? What will happen to the relationships that have
been created for other forms etc? and how do I change the field size?




Alexandr Artamonov

I came across the same problem recently. As it turned out the relationships
window wasn't showing all tables related to the one that I wanted to change.
When I pressed "show all relationships" button I saw it. Then I really
deleted all relationships with that table and changed the field size. Maybe
it's your case.

Alexandr Artamonov

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